We have nature to thank for beautiful flowers, so we are doing our bit to preserve and care for the planet. Here’s how we do that.

Our clear cellophane biodegrades up to 5 times quicker than standard Florist wrap. No need to put it in the recycling, it breaks down naturally and doesn’t leave any microplastics behind after degrading. It is produced in the UK to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We have replaced all our hand tied wraps from plastic to Kraft paper and as all our flowers are hand delivered, they do not need excessive box packaging.The ribbon which we tie our stems together is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Flower Food Sachets have been completely biodegradable since August 2020. It breaks down naturally within the same amount of time as a banana skin or orange peel and you can even put it in your brown bin waste.

All our bags are made from card and don’t forget to up cycle the bags, boxes and bows onto your next gift.